Realty Tours NW Pricing



For a self estimate on what to expect to pay, please see the options below. All options are based on a 2500 SQFT House, and typically include 35-40 photos.  There may be additional cost for larger houses. Contact us for further details and a custom quote. Please have the house fully staged and ready to shoot prior to the photo appointment. 

These are our base prices.  We offer many package options based on each individual house. for a complete customized quote, please contact us. 

Steve Haning:     503-927-3717
Stephen Fiddes:  503-863-4359



Standard Fusion:  $200
                -  Detail in highlights and shadows, View out windows may show up slightly in many cases.


High End Fusion: $350
                -  Lots of detail in highlights and shadows, Views through windows show up better in almost all cases. 


Window Masking Add-on: $50 per room
                -  Views come through windows perfectly exactly as you see them in the room.  (Please ensure no plants are in front of windows prior to photoshoot.  Additional cost may incur if there are plants in front of the windows.)


Dusk Exterior Imaging: $150
                -  Front and back dusk exterior photos.


Drone Photos: $150
                -  Drone flight by an FAA part 107 Certified, licensed, and insured pilot, includes 8-25 photos.


Matterport 3D: $250 for first 2000 sqft,
                         $100 per 1000 sqft additional.
                         $50 for a schematic floorplan of the property. 
                -  3D Model and tour of the property.  See Examples Here


Budget package for Fixers:  Single-Frame Flash Photography. Call for property qualifications and pricing.